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Application acronyms



Call for proposals



Erasmus+ Programme Guide – version 2



Distance calculator



ANQEP – National Qualifications Framework 1



ANQEP – National Qualifications Framework 2



ANQEP – Qualifica Passport



Individual Support Rates KA101, KA102, KA104, KA107 and KA116


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Apoio a candidaturas

Mandate Template 

The PDF document is automatically generated by the application platform.


Guide for Experts on Quality Assessment – version 3


Eligibility Criteria


Legal Entities forms


Financial Identification form


Participant Portal Guide


Participant Portal


EU Login Guide


Web Application Forms Guidelines


EU Login


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Ensino Escolar

Funding allocation rules | KA101 and KA104 projects


E+ Comenius: Guide to long term stydy mobility of pupils in Strategic Partnerships


Practical Guide for School Leaders


European Toolkit for Schools